Ductless Mini Split Systems

Do you want highly efficient air conditioning units? Are you looking for A/C systems that can be installed immediately in your home or business? If your answer is yes, then choose the ductless mini split systems. This type of air conditioning system is ideal for homes and commercial properties where ductwork is not available or difficult to install. It is also more efficient compared to other types of cooling and heating system! Read more about Ductless Mini Split Systems >>

HVAC Services

We at Polar Bear Heating and Air would like to provide you with some valuable information on HVAC Services. This includes the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems. Our experts can ensure that you get the right type of system for your site so that you and your employees are comfortable and highly productive! Read more about HVAC >>

Air Conditioning

No matter how large or small your air conditioning system may be at some point you will need to think about hiring a company for maintenance, services and repairs. If you look after your systems and get them serviced regularly you will get much more out of them. If you are looking for a reliable and professional air conditioning company then call us here at Polar Bear Heating and Air! Read more about Air Conditioning >>

Heating Systems

It really is important to ensure that your heating systems are working correctly and the best way to do this is to hire the expertise of a professional HVAC company like Polar Bear Heating and Air. Your systems will be checked regularly and maintained so that they are performing most efficiently for your home or business! Read more about Heating Systems >>

HVAC Maintenance

The best way to ensure that your HVAC systems are functioning properly is to have a professional HVAC maintenance company come out to your site on a regular basis and give them a service. It’s important to ensure that your commercial site is a comfortable place to work in order to maintain good productivity. Let us here at Polar Bear Heating and Air maintain your HVAC systems. Read more about HVAC Maintenance >>

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