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Heating System Replacements, Anaheim, CA

Repairing or replacing your furnace?

If your furnace is over 15 years old, carefully consider the answer to this question.

A new furnace will cost anywhere from $2,950 to $4,500 depending on the size, type and efficiency.
Typically a standard 80% furnace will run approximately $2,950 to $3,600 at Polar Bear.
Prices have increased due to changing regulations such as low nox furnaces are now required by code.
If the repair is going to cost more than a couple of hundred dollars and you can afford to replace your furnace you are probably better off doing so.

Why? Because there is no guarantee. This furnace could nickel and dime you and by the time you are through, you could have purchased a new furnace with a 10 or 12 year warranty.

Were you told that your furnace has a leak or crack in the heat exchanger and that it needs to be replaced?
Did they say that this is very dangerous and then they put a tag on your furnace.?
Many companies use this scare tactic to sell you a new furnace.

My advice, do not use the furnace, call the gas company out to check the heat exchanger.
They will inspect it at no cost to you.

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