Decorative Air Vent Grills

Decorative Grills

The #1 complaint is that the first floor is always much cooler than the second floor.

To obtain better airflow, start by replacing your 2 or 3 way grills with Bar Type Grills.

Decorative Grills

The 2 way supply grill

Notice the thin gap between the vertical louvers? There is not much air flow. Air blows left and right and is restricted.

Decorative Grills

The Bar Type Deluxe

The large gaps between the vertical louvers allows for better airflow. The vertical louvers are individually adjustable which allows you to direct the airflow.

Decorative Grills


The photo to the left is called a manual damper. Installing dampers in the duct allows you to control the airflow by closing or opening the damper.

Installing a damper in the ducts that service the 1st floor allows you to close off some of the air flow to the 1st floor which forces more air to the second floor.

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