PERMITS REQUIRED: Every city requires a mechanical permit for the following:
Furnace replacements and new installations
Air conditioning replacements and new installations
Ductless mini splits replacements and new installations
Ducting replacements and new installations

(Warning) There are several companies out there that say nothing about the permit on their quote.
This should raise a warning flag of dishonesty. Every licensed contractor knows that a permit is required!!
They figure, if they don't mention it you won't ask about it and they will do the job without pulling the permit.
Or, some contractors are telling customers that a permit is not required in that particular area. Absolutely Not True!
Look, I don't like pulling permits just as much as the next guy. It is a pain, time consuming and you don't have to deal with passing an inspection.
However, it is the law. Permits are required for safety reasons. The inspector checks to make sure the installation is done to code and it is safe.
Some homeowners prefer to be responsible for pulling the permit. Just make sure the contract states who is responsible for pulling the mechanical permit. Contractor or homeowner.

In order to pass the inspection, you will need to obtain a HERS test.
There is a duct leakage test which must be done even if your just replacing the heating and or air conditioning and not touching the ducts.
Asbestos ducting is exempt. Even if the asbestos ducts were removed, it is still exempt.
There is also an air conditioning refrigerant test done by the HERS rater and an airflow test.
Most HVAC companies have a HERS Rater they normally use and they normally will order the HERS test for you.

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