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Air Conditioning Orange, CA An air conditioning system is a vital installation in any home or commercial property. It provides property owners the comfort they need during hot and cold seasons. Since cooling and heating are the main functions of an AC unit, it must be functioning properly at all times. A poorly designed system may not offer maximum cooling or heating. On the other hand, failure on your part to perform regular maintenance can result in early deterioration of the unit and may cause costly repair jobs. To avoid these problems, you have to get the services of HVAC professionals.

At Polar Bear Heating and Air, our clients are assured of first-class HVAC services. We offer expert installation of all types of air conditioning systems. We use only top brands and create efficient designs to give clients a reliable cooling and heating system. Our seasoned technicians can install AC units in residential, commercial and even industrial properties. They are all certified and licensed to work on HVAC systems, so you are assured that the installation will be carried out efficiently and accurately. Our installation work is always completed within schedule because we follow systematic procedures and proven methods. We declare the job completely done only if the system is working properly. Please call us at (949) 388-9484 so we can discuss with you how we perform our jobs. With our long list of satisfied clients from Orange County, Riverside, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach and San Clemente, CA, you will never go wrong hiring our services today.

Expert Installers

The reliability and efficiency of your air conditioning system largely depend on the expertise of your installers. There are a lot of HVAC service providers in California, but not all can provide top-notch installation. You have to look at the certifications of the company and the licenses of their technicians. Its length of experience in the industry is also an important factor that you must consider. And lastly, choose a service provider that can offer reasonable rates without compromising workmanship and product quality.

Efficient Air Conditioning Units

As a property owner, you want only efficient air conditioning units installed in your home or commercial property. You can easily get an energy-efficient one by purchasing an AC unit with higher SEER. If you are hiring a contractor to install a new unit or replace an older one, tell them about your preferred SEER rating. An AC unit with 13 SEER rating can result in 45% savings on your electricity bill. Moreover, choose tested brands like Gree, Maytag, Ruud, and other leading brands in the market. They offer better heating or cooling and usually last longer than other brands.

The Right Type of Air Conditioning

Choosing the right type and size of air conditioning unit will dramatically reduce your energy cost. For residential properties, an area measuring 500 square feet with 8th ceiling and standard windows would require 1 ton AC unit. You may consider a higher AC capacity if an area has a higher ceiling or windows facing south or west. For commercial areas, there are other factors that must be considered, like the number of rooms and hallways, size of the building, and the interior design.

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