Heating Systems

Heating Systems Orange, CA Every California home or business must have a professionally installed heating system. It must be installed following industry standards to ensure safety in the area and the optimum function of the system. A well-designed heating system will provide the necessary comfort that you and your family need. You can also avoid frequent repairs and maintenance if you source the units from leading manufacturers in the industry. At Polar Bear Heating and Air, we always assure our clients that they will get a properly functioning heating system once they hire our services. We are expert installers of all types of heating systems. Whether you need them for your home or business, you will surely get durable and highly efficient systems.

Our seasoned technicians are the finest HVAC installers in the state and won't stop working on the project they handle unless the client is completely satisfied with the results. Some of our highly satisfied clients come from Orange County, Riverside, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente, CA. Our rates are very competitive. We can match the rates of our competitors in the area and even offer a much lower rate. Call us at (949) 388-9484 to get your free quote or visit us to discuss further your heating requirements.

Types of Heating Systems

There are five major types of heating systems. Their use depends on the area or type of property where they are to be installed. A typical home may require a simple system while commercial properties will require a more complex and high-capacity heating system. The major types are forced-air, radiant heat, steam radiant, hydronic, and geothermal system. Since some of these are expensive to install, your available budget can affect your final choice.

Heating System Installation

Discussing your needs and requirements with your chosen contractor is the right thing to do. This way, you will know the different factors that can affect the efficiency of your heating system. Your contractor should discuss with you the most appropriate type and size of heater for your home or property. The two types of heating systems that you can choose from are gas and electric. You may also opt for the split type or package units. The ductless split type heating system is more popular today because of its ease of installation and maintenance. If your contractor installs this kind of system, you will benefit from its energy-efficient features.

Aside from choosing the right type of heating system, you should also consider the design and brand of the heating unit. Make sure that the brand you are using is proven durable, efficient, and affordable. Never let your contractor install an inferior brand since it will not last long and may require frequent maintenance. At Polar Bear Heating and Air, we offer our clients only world-class heating systems that are proven efficient and reliable. We can replace your old system with tested brands like Ruud and Reem. Our heating system installation service is also offered at a client-friendly rate.

Repair and Maintenance

You must have a regular maintenance plan for your heating systems. This will ensure their proper functioning and reliability during the winter season. And to avoid unexpected breakdowns, you must only get the services of expert technicians. They will ensure that all the heating system components are in their optimum conditions. Filters and other accessories will be cleaned or replaced if needed. Your service provider has appropriate tools, so they can work on any type or size of heating system.

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