Why are we the most trusted company?

Why are we the most trusted company? Our goal is not the same as other companies.

We don't try to sell you anything. In fact, I have turned down sales in the past. Why?

Because they were told they needed a new system when they did not. We look out for the customer first. If they truly need a new system, we will give them a very detailed and competitive quote which will include the sound level of the AC unit and dimensions. If you have a quote right now, take a look. There is probably no sound level. Our quotes are typed up and completely legible. Beware of quotes that are hand written or hard to read. There is a reason for that.

I will email you a quote right now. All I need is a couple of questions answered first.

Compare our quote. If you are interested in moving forward, a technician will come to your home to confirm the installation. Normally, our quoted price is correct. However, in quite a few cases the price was lowered after our technician visited the home. He's not there to sell you anything. He's there to look at the technical side of the installation. We don't employ sales reps.

All other companies want to get their foot in your door. That is why no other company will give you a quote on line. I've seen some companies give a quote after they see what kind of car you drive. Seriously, not a joke.

See our reviews? A lot of companies get reviews on the installation they did.

What happens after that? If a customer has any kind of service call we normally get to their home the same day. That's where a lot of other companies fail.

Bottom line, when it comes to customer service, prices, installation, warranties, repair calls, AC sound levels, equipment and honesty Polar Bear Heating And Air ranks #1.

2017 SSA Certificate
Best HVAC Professionals in Santa Ana 2016
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